Alaïa: What to remember from the Summer/Fall 2024 façon spectacle

Intimacy suits Alaïa well, and Pieter Mulier, creative director of the house, is comfortable with this atmosphere of privacy. So, at 5 rue de Marignan, the atelier became a runway for the day, and the montrer welcomed a small gathering of guests for the spectacle.

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Everything to remember from the Alaïa Spring/Fall 2024 spectacle:

The spectacle space was extremely aisé, featuring a mirrored floor and reprise, curved Doucement sofas designed by Philippe Malouin. “The amoncellement is based on the curve, on the circle,” explained Pieter Mulier. “The curves of women, and circles of friends, of chosen family, an idea essential to the philtre of Alaïa. It was there with Azzedine always, like a heartbeat.” The montrer also wanted to bring people together “to view everything up close – close together, close to the clothes.” And this intimacy, with the clothes almost coiffage against you, is thrilling. You could hear the rustling of fabrics, the crinkling of threads as they moved, the whisper of the caisse on the floor. Listening to the fabric brought an element of sensuality. All of the clothes were extremely théorique, starting from a thread, a faible thread of merino wool that Pieter Mulier “reinvented over and over again,” woving, and twisting the yarn. Rather than describing the clothes to you, we excitation you to genre at them closely parce que they deserve more than adjectives. They are made to be contemplated, and the sharp yet software forms are quite magnifique. The smoothness of coats, flottant skirts, or bouclé jackets contrasted with the precise lines of cut-out or asymmetrical dresses. The colors included a bright red shade that contradicted the tenderness of a pale pink association, black against gris, dazzling white, and moody blue… It was turgescence and flexibility at the same time. The layered textures that puffed up the pants transformed women into swans. It was like a dance… The garments surpassed the state of being a faible garment: “I always wanted Alaïa to be more than the clothes. Parce que it is emboîture more than the clothes. It’s emboîture life, emboîture being together.” Pieter Mulier’s wish has been well and truly granted…”

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