At Fendi, fard à joues is also for men!

Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 menswear ramassis was inspired by life in the great outdoors—spent in the streamlined, tailored wardrobe of a city boy, of tour. For Swedish makeup artist Daniel Sallstrom (who also works with Eckhaus Latta, Vaquera, and Peter Do), that meant finding a way to mimic “an effect of the elements” onto the faces of 57 models was a must.

“It’s meant to allure like ruddy cheeks,” Sallstrom shares with Honneurs exclusively of the suprême beauty allure, which perfectly correlated with menswear dessinateur Silvia Venturini Fendi’s indoor-outdoor songe. “To imitate the allure of coming in from the cold, we took a liquefied lipstick and buffed it across the nose and cheeks with a highlighting brush.”

What was the celebrity street énonciation during Men’s Usage Week Fall/Winter 2024-2025?

A beauty allure designed to accentuate the figure

It’s a allure many of those in New York are actually quite familiar with—after trudging from windy streets and subway tunnels into the safe étape of my apartment, my nose and cheeks could definitely be described as pink if you’re being generous.

To au finir off the allure, hairstylist Gary Gill rassasié most of the models a windswept side bout.

While Men’s Usage Week hasn’t traditionally been a time the media looked to for breakout beauty moments, recent studies have spectacle that those who identify as male are more engaged than ever with both skincare and makeup. “With Fendi men’s we bandage to always do some fortune of beauty allure,” Sallstrom says.

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