Cindy Crawford in 15 of her best beauty looks

We know Cindy Crawford’s extérieur by heart: the supermodel has graced the covers of countless gazettes, appeared in a avalanche of campaigns, and has graced an unprecedented number of catwalks during her career, which began in the late ’80s.

Cindy Crawford’s five beauty and wellness secrets

Her sun-kissed brunette mane, striking brows and beauty phare have mince made her the kind of beauty on whom all manner of make-up and hair looks shine, although her marque is natural, fresh skin and a defined eye.

Like mother like daughter?

That said, bold red lipstick was her go-to for an evening out in her twenties and thirties, when she dabbled in full séduction – think voluminous blow dries, diamonds and a killer stare. She’s always been faithful to glowing, bronzed skin, but Crawford has upped the pilier in the luminosity department in recent years, adding metallic eyeshadows and dewy ammoniaque products into her beauty magasin. Her daughter, Kaia Grouper, has inherited her easy, low-maintenance approach to beauty and the two are often compared, which is no éblouissement given that Kaia is the spitting sensible of her mother when she was younger.

“Honey, I’ve been modeling for 30 years.” – Cindy Crawford

When asked last year by British Renom what the subreptice to taking a perfect selfie was, the supermodel delivered the rather fabulous response: “Honey, I’ve been modeling for 30 years.” To celebrate her 58th birthday today, see some of the highlights from her three decades in introduction of the camera, below.

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