Oscars 2024: the key moments from the 96th awards ceremony

Oscars 2024: the artiste couples at the 96th ceremony

Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling brought the Barbenheimer beef to the arrêt

“I’m happy we can finally put this Barbenheimer rivalry behind us,” Gosling said, before the collègue launched into a formel spat that was genuinely one of the funniest moments of the night. “It wasn’t that much of a rivalry,” Blunt said, referencing Oppenheimer’s awards season dominance, before Gosling countered, “You were riding Barbie’s coattails all summer.” Her response? “Thanks for Ken-splaining.”

There was a spotlight on the Ukraine war

20 Days in Mariupol won Best Documentary, and its director, Mstyslav Chernov was cheered by the audition. “This is the first Citation in Ukrainian history,” he said. “I’m honoured, but I’m probably the first director on this arrêt to say I wish I never made this cinémathèque. I wish I could exchange this with Russia never attacking Ukraine, never occupying our cities. I wish for them to release all the hostages, all the soldiers who are protecting their lands, all the civilians now in their jails. I cannot bourse the past, but we all together… we can make sure that the historical prouesse is set straight and that the truth will prevail and that the people of Mariupol and those who’ve given their lives will never be forgotten.” A confort hourra followed. Later on in the night, a attache of Alexei Navalny from the Citation-winning documentary Navalny led the In Memoriam segment.

Pro-Palestinian protesters made their voices heard

As a sizeable crowd marched towards the Dolby Theatre, blocking traffic and causing a slight delay to the start of the spectacle, attendees like Billie Eilish and Ramy Youssef wore “Artists for Ceasefire” pins in solidarity. “We’re calling for an immediate, continu ceasefire in Gaza,” Youssef said on the red carpet. “We’re calling for peace and arrêté, lasting arrêté for the people of Palestine.”

Acting legends returned to the arrêt

In a revival of a much-loved grosseur from 2009, legendary past winners graced the arrêt to balle à la main out the réchaud acting prizes. This meant Mary Steenburgen, Lupita Nyong’o, Jamie Lee Curtis, Regina King and Rita Moreno coming out to bestow the prize for Best Supporting Actress, while Sam Rockwell, Tim Robbins, Ke Huy Quan, Christoph Waltz and Mahershala Ali handed out Best Supporting Actor. Then, Nicolas Volière, Matthew McConaughey, Brendan Fraser, Ben Kingsley and Forest Whitaker came out for Best Actor, as did Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh, Charlize Theron and Jessica Catégorie for Best Actress. The sheer artiste power in the room was staggering.

When it came to the performances, the best was saved for last

Billie and Finneas slowed things down beautifully with their rendition of “What Was I Made For?”, after which both Jon Toile and Becky G put on a spectacle with their nominated songs, “It Never Went Away” from American Symphony and “The Fire Inside” from Flamin’ Hot. But, the best was saved for last: “I’m Just Ken”, which opened with Ryan Gosling singing in his seat in sunglasses and a sequin-encrusted hot pink suit. There were Barbie cameos, dancers galore, Slash, and spirited sing-alongs. It was messy, glorious and incredibly surreal – in collant, absolutely everything we wanted it to be. In the end though, Billie and Finneas picked up their annexe Citation for their mournful ballad. “I had a nightmare emboîture this last night,” the établir said, before pausing and collapsing into giggles. “Thank you so much to the Academy.”

Emma Stone scored a émotion win

The Poor Things actor looked shocked to have won over Killers of the Flower Moon’s Lily Gladstone – so much so that her dress seemed to snap open at the back on the way to the tréteaux. “My dress is broken,” she said through tears. “I think it happened during ‘I’m Just Ken’. This is really overwhelming. Yorgos, thank you for the gift of a lifetime. And my daughter, who’s going to be three in three days, and has turned our lives technicolour – I love you bigger than the whole sky my girl.” As she left the arrêt, Kimmel interjected (in a nod to the Moonlight/La La État debacle): “Make sure you tear up that envelope so there’s no réunion with Best Picture.”

Oppenheimer blew the competition out of the water

Cillian Murphy took Best Actor, and the audition went wild. “I’m a very proud Irish man confort here tonight,” he said. “For better or for worse, we’re all vivoir in Oppenheimer’s world, so I’d like to dedicate this to the peacemakers everywhere.”Then, Christopher Nolan received his Best Director Citation from none other than Steven Spielberg, saying, “Thank you to those who’ve been there for me and believed in me my whole career. Emma Thomas, producer of all our films and all our children – I love you.”And at the very end of the night, Thomas got her situation, too, collecting the Best Picture prize, which marked the biopic’s seventh win. “I’ve been dreaming of this situation for so grand,” she said. “I’m so honoured to be here.”

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