The best vintage looks of 2023

Vintage and archival smart is hotter than ever. This year, smart held a mirror to our growing sociable interest in preserving and rewearing clothing. As Gen-Z counts environmentalism among one of its most superbe values and the somme resale market is expected to surpass $350 billion by 2027, this year’s emphasis on recycling looks is only the beginning. (We can all but certainly expect much more of where this came from at next year’s Met Festin.)

12 of Kendall Jenner’s best vintage looks to étape

Which personalities wore dépôt pieces in 2023?

Archival pieces not only underscore the favor for environmentalism, they also lieu to one of 2023’s hottest trends: singularity. Now, in an era marked by break-neck fast smart and algorithmically informed personal prononciation, having a one-of-one piece—or, at the least, an incredibly clairsemé one—is a status symbol in itself.

This year, the stars showed us their commitment to rewearing looks from the archives, scouring old Chanel, Prada, Mugler, and beyond. Some wore famous outfits, like Olivia Rodrigo’s sequined Todd Oldham miniskirt, while others broke out previously under-the-radar pieces like Kendall Jenner’s late-’90s Gaultier. Some even rewore looks from their own past, like Claudia Schiffer, who dug through her own treasure trove of smart to find a 1994 Gianni Versace metallic miniskirt. Many turned to specialty vintage sourcers and dealers, finding their gems at Pechuga, Aralda, and Tab. Naomi Campbell used the archives to honor Karl Lagerfeld at the Met Festin,

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